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Julia Herrero


Julia Herrero



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My name is Julia Herrero and ... I love to paint besides everything else in my life. Painting is a passion.

My main art form is usually landscape. In oil, acrylics, and pastels, but I do always only what is interesting for me and only what I LOVE. Now I try to develop my style and working a lot with different painting techniques.

My inspiration is everywhere: I see good artwork and then I try to do my own. Or it can be simply nature. Or good photos.

About my message... I paint usually something what I love or something what takes my breath away. I guess that is a reason why people like my paintings sometimes - because I try to express my own feelings and my own feelings are very positive. I am that kind of person which doesn't want to express sadness and negativity. It does not mean that I don't feel it, simply I don't want to express it. I guess my message is: look around and learn to see beauty around you. Be positive!
I wish you always be creative because in the end it brings you a very good feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

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