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The winnners of the Giotto, Peinture

Dedicated to the artistic figure of the well-known medieval painter who revolutionized the history of art through the use of perspective and the power of chiaroscuro, overcoming the two-dimensionality of Byzantine art, the International art prize Giotto is a great international prize supported by accredited media and publications of Italian and foreign art that stands out for highlighting the most notable artists of Italian art in the world and foreign art in Italy through the media and exchange
Participation in the Giotto International Art Prize allows the artist to bring out his qualities within a serious editorial context, the Circle of Artists of the International Certamen on the Cathedrals of the West, which harks back to the cultural ideals of the ancient court of 'Emperor Frederick II of Swabia.

Antonina Giunta is the winner of the coveted painting section of the Giotto International Award organized by Luz Cultural and Arts direct with Arte storico and Artes TV web, Globus Network Italia and Encyclopedia of Italian art, also Oscar delle Arti, conceived by the artistic director and critic of art Melinda Miceli. The same, after a careful examination of the works received, with the technical jury composed of Ray Bondin, Stefano Reali, Alberto Moioli, Corrado Armeri, Jacek Ciborowsky decreed the victory of the Giunta for the following motivation: "For the cultured and original symbolic synthesis which is reflected in the masterfulness of the Opera ".

Second ex aequo in the Painting section the following artists:

Mimmo Allegra with the work "The beautiful, the bad and the ugly".

Roberto Lutri with the surreal work "The door".

Third place Gianna Eterno with "Still life". Honorable mention for stylistic classicism.

Eleonora Cristaldi third ex aequo with "The time machine".

Pasquale Viscuso winner Abstract painting section. Opera Event 1999. Honorable mention for the curriculum.

Chiara Romeo first ex aequo with the painting "Masks".

Section Drawing and mixed techniques.

Armando Nigro first with "Look at me".

Vincenzo Presenti second with "Impossible love".

Graphic arts section.

Sandro Masala with the Opera "Fragments".

Photography section

Sebastiano Cosimo Auteri with the work "Incanto"

Poetry Section

Alessandra Marinacci first classified with “Gerbere”.

Seconds ex aequo: Maria Antonietta Cassaro with "He snapped", Felix Luce with "Shines and radiates gnosis", Salvatore Ferla with "There is a man".

For the Vip category we mention Sensi Lorente with the Opera "Cadiz", Anna Maria Guarnieri with the painting "Tuscan Excellence", Mark Fishman with "Love".

Dr. Melinda Miceli art critic and honorary artistic director of the International art Prize Giotto

International Vicar for Culture and Art of the Frederick Templar Sovereign Monastic Order

In foto "Il bello, il brutto e il cattivo" di Mimmo Allegra